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Depending on your needs, YOU Industrie can provide different services :

Management of complex projects

In addition to the supply of babbitted bearings (new or repairs), YOU Industrie can handle complex project with additional operations (machining, metallisation, welding…) or provide complete sub-assemblies, including management of quality file.

Supply of supports and foundries

Over the years, YOU Industrie has developed a comprehensive network of industrial partners in Europe and worldwide to provide its bearing metal supports. For each type of support in cast iron, stainless steel, forging, centrifugated bronze, cast bronze, welded collar, mecano-welded parts, YOU Industrie proposes high quality solutions at competitive cost.

Selecting materials

YOU Industrie help you to chose the metal types suiting best your application and especially the babbitt metal. YOU Industrie can work with any type of babbitt metal (tin, lead or zinc based) according to European and American norms or customer-specific (miltary).

Obsolescence ans equivalence of norms

Many old specifications use materials or special steels that do not exist anymore, or even mention norms that also do not exist anymore. Many industrial processes also become obsolete, for example some anticorrosion treatments or some painting or glueing processes. YOU Industrie keeps a techological surveillance and works with several data bases on material and norm equivalence in order to help its customers with modern replacements (who often also present better technical specifications)

Mounting and assembly of complex ensembles

YOU Industrie performs assembly of complex and often large dimension mechanical ensembles. Our equipments enabble handling of up to 15 tons.

Thermal treatment

We perform large dimension and cost effective thermal treatments with our own equipment.

Large dimension machining

YOU Industrie onws and operates a large machine pool used for the production of bearings. These equipment also enable us to propose efficient and cost effective machining solutions for our customers.


YOU Industrie provides specific packings for truck, sea, air transport and/or long duration storage. We also worl with specialize and qualifier packing companies for specific customers needs.

France and Europe

Our location in the greater Paris area enables easy and cost effective shipments to France and Europe.


For long distance shipment, we use Paris airports, or Le Havre, Anvers and Rotterdam in case of seafreight.