Horizontal bearings

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YOU Industrie does the design, babbitting, machining, control and delivers all kind of horizontal babbitt bearings of all sizes

YOU Industrie performs as often as possible centrifugal babbittings which gurantee the best results in terms of mechanical bonding and metal quality.

You Industrie developed a unique know-how in centrifugation and can offer this technology for small to biggest size bearings, for new built and repairs, including bearings made of multiple segments.

YOU Industrie also offers re-engineering or improvement services for your babbitt bearing.

Our biggest centrifugation job as of today : a Ø2200 mm forge , 9 tons and a babbitt pouring of 800 Kg.

Horizontal babbitt bearings are used in industry. They ensure support and guiding of the shaft in turning machines. Their performance in terms of load and rotation speed are far superior to the ones of ball bearings. These babbitt bearings are found in many applications, including : steam turbines, gas turbines, generators, windturbines, gearboxes, machine-tools, special machines….

Example of one nuclear application : load 260 tons – rotating speed 1500 RPM – shaft diameter 900mm.